MSDS to SDS Conversion Services

M3V provides a unique solution to fulfill the mandated MSDS to SDS conversion requirement. If you are currently looking for “SDS Authoring Software”, please consider a few things:

  • SDS authoring software is expensive, usually $400 for every SDS you produce.
  • For the same price, we can usually provide you with the finished SDS in an MS Word file format so that you may then use this as a template to re-author your other products if they are similar in nature.
  • If you have “families” of chemicals – ones that are similar but only vary by something minor like a pigment, lubricant, etc. – we can usually produce the final revision at 1/3 – ½ the cost of using authoring software. An example of a typical cost may be as low as $250 for the first one and $50 for each additional similar chemical.
  • We have industry experts, many with PhD’s in chemistry that will review the final version and will ensure accurate compliance. Authoring software can’t match this level of involvement and guidance.
  • If you have purchased a software license, but the one-time MSDS to SDS GHS compliance surge is over-burdening in-house staff, our experts can work alongside your people to complete any portion or the job.

The new SDS is more than just paper churn switching formats and drum labels. Each hazard now has a required pictogram. Hazard and precautionary statements each have standard phrases that describe the hazard and state the measures to be taken for use and disposal. And chemicals can have a new hazard classification that changes handling requirements. Our approach is to:

  • Keep in mind that an SDS is not only a necessity to reflect hazards; it is also a sales document. By simply filling in the blanks in authoring software, you may end up over classifying your SDS which may cause your end user to choose a less hazardous product. It is essential to accurately represent the hazards and procedures without scaring clients away.
  • Combine an EH&S expert with specialists for your particular products.
  • Team with an SDS authoring software vendor to access the best available classification information.
  • Keep costs low by making our first draft your final solution and handling like products together.
  • Match your company’s format for a seamless MSDS to SDS transition.
  • Deliver both the SDS and secondary label at a fixed price that is:
    • Competitive with authoring software services alone.
    • Reviewed by a product line expert that is not available with software.
    • Provided with future edits if OSHA makes changes before the deadlines.
  • Present options to avoid changing product hazard classifications under the new rules.

HazCom 2012 compliance tasks need not interfere with your core business. With M3V the task of rewriting your company’s MSDS’s to meet the new HC 2012 rules is efficient and cost effective. M3V pairs it’s EH&S expertise with experts specifically matched to your product lines. The project is truly outsourced. You avoid the hand holding, lengthy explanations and multiple revisions that might otherwise be required.

This service only applies to the chemical manufacturers and distributors…..the original authors of the SDS. If you are an employer trying to comply with OSHA Right to Know/Understand / Hazcom 2012 rules, your updating requirements are much less intense. Please click here for more information:The OSHA SDS/GHS Hazcom Compliance Myth

Please contact us for a discussion and quotation. We look forward to earning your business, and your trust.
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